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Cardboard Decorations

Posted in Home Decorations by recraftinggeek on September 21, 2011
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I used to take toilet paper rolls and make kaleidoscopes, but sooner or later they would end up in the trash.  I began searching for ideas online and ran across a great idea on

What you will need:

Paper towel/toilet paper rolls

Paint (color of your choice)

Hot glue gun

For months, I collected paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls.  Once I thought I had enough, I flattened them.  I made each petal a little over an inch thick.  For toilet paper rolls, I could make 4 petals. After they were all cut, I took black paint and painted each petal inside and out. Trust me, this takes a long time.  Just wait for a marathon of your favorite show and work on it at your coffee table (don’t forget to lie something down on the table first, preferably something that could be washed off and used again later). When the painting is all done, glue the corners of 5 petals together using a hot glue gun.

And there you have it! A great way to save those cardboard rolls from the landfills and to decorate your place! You can hang them however you want: centered on your wall in a design, taking up the corner of your wall, or framing a corner of one of your doors like I did.

Have fun with it and enjoy being green!